Giant Speckled Egg Cake!


As mentioned on one of my pages, one of my favourite food blogs is Raspberri Cupcakes! She makes the most spectacular sweet things! Just before Easter she posted the recipe for this cake and it looked so spectacular that I decided to give it a go! Find the recipe here (

Cross section of the cake!

Cross section of the cake!

While RC’s looked a bit more egg-like than mine and the speckle work was a bit more delicateΒ itΒ was reasonably easy to make and tasted absolutely delicious!

The cake itself was beautifully chocolaty with an almost brownie like quality. There were two types of icing keeping the colossal cake together, a vanilla icing on the outside and a chocolate icing on the inside. For me the vanilla icing made the cake! Getting the colour of the icing right was a bit of a challenge as I just used ordinary green food colouring, but with a bit of patience I think it was a good result in the end.

Definitely give this one a crack! If you don’t think you will be able to make the egg shape I suggest just keeping the cakes as they are when you bake them, sandwich them together using the chocolate icing and then icing the outside of the two cakes with the vanilla icing. It will still look spectacular and taste amazing!

Happy Cooking

Chrissy x

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