Casa Benigna – Madrid

If I ever come back to Madrid I am going here again!!

Upon the suggestion of my friend we went to visit a restaurant called Casa Benigna. It was a small, rustic restaurant in a small, quiet side street in Madrid.


Gorgeous table setting!

This place supposedly has the best paella in Madrid and I’m not going to disagree!

When we got there, yummy green olives awaited us to nosh on; then while we were waiting for our meals they brought out bread and an amazingly fragrant olive oil and balsamic vinegar, crudites with an avocado dip and potato skin chips.


Olives, bread, crudites and chips

We ordered a plate of jamon which was served with almonds and a beautiful thin wafer biscuit.


We then ordered a dish of sautéed wild mushroom which was served with a capsicum sauce and a fried egg on top. Oh yes this was good! The mushrooms were rich and earthy and with the egg it was like the best fried breakfast ever!


We then got two paellas. The first was a seafood paella; it was quite different to any paellas I have had before which tend to be more of a Valencian style of paella with whole prawns, mussels and fish packed into it. In saying this it was very very yummy! This paella contained small pieces of prawn and calamari, and the lovely seafood flavour of the paella married beautifully with the caramelized crust that had formed in the bottom of the paella.


The second paella was spare rib and jamon. This paella had a delicate smokey flavour and the meat was falling off the bone. And again these flavours were only enhanced by the lovely caramelized crust formed in the base of the pan!


We were then given complementary chocolate pots with a buttery wafer biscuit. YUM!


While it wasn’t cheap (187€ for 4 including wine) the food was fantastic, the service was excellent and it had a lovely homey atmosphere. I definitely recommend this place and I’ll definitely be back!



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