Mercado de San Miguel

Hola! I am currently in Madrid and have been eating my body weight in cured meats and other delightful treats!

One of my best friends was in Madrid at the same time as me and we are both certified foodies. We met up with our families at Mercado de San Miguel.


Markets and sangria!

This market is one of the oldest in Madrid. It has however recent been given a major face lift and is now a bustling hotspot perfect for a drink and a good feed.

You can just buy produce at the markets to take home but you can also by tapas, full meals and drinks.

The place was bustling and as there were eight of us we had to hustle for a table but that was all apart of the fun!Β The place feels very much alive!

There is all kinds of food at the market to satisfy pretty much everyone. We tried a whole variety of food from empanadas to freshly shucked oysters (which I enjoyed even as a non oyster eater) to yummy sweet treats.


The Carnage: Oysters, sliders and steak

There was some real highlights, especially the amazing steak. This one stall cooked a large piece of steak on a teppenyaki style hotplate. The meat was seared on all sides then sliced on the hot plate into smaller pieces, cooking it until medium rare and then seasoned with black sea salt. It was mouth wateringly delicious, the meat was so tender and beautifully seasoned…we literally could not stop eating it. We also had great little beef sliders with a spicy aioli from the same place.


So so good!!

We also had salted pimentos which is some things we make at home and is a morish bar snack that went down well with our sangria and cervezas!



These markets are definitely worth checking out and there is a huge range of produce to try at pretty affordable prices!

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