Madame Nhu – Sydney

While I struggle to pronounce “Pho” I sure love to eat it and the Pho at Madame Nhu is divine!

Madame Nhu, is located in Surry Hills and near Town Hall. The Surry Hills establishment occupies a tiny corner on Campbell St and Foster, but what the place lacks in size it makes up for with an intimate atmosphere and knock out food.

I have been here twice and will definitely be back again and again. Not only is the food fantastic, but you get your food quickly AND it’s pretty cheap!

On my most recent visit, my friends and I shared the tiger prawn summer rolls with nuoc cham ($9.5 for 3) and salt and pepper squid with shallot and chilli ($16.9) to start. The rolls were fresh, with a delicious crunchy filling that so nicely contrasts with the gelatinous yumminess that is the rice paper. But, the squid though, do not get me started on the squid!!! This was probably the best salt and pepper squid I have ever had in my life. I am not joking. My friends and I would go back just for this squid. Not only was it beautifully tender, but the chilli gave this wonderful warm kick with out being over powering and the shallot (both fresh and fried) gave some texture and freshness. Seriously good good cooking! It also came with a zingy dipping sauce which just added to the whole gloriousness!!

Salt and Pepper Squid (Photo from Madame Nhu Website – my photo was horrible and did not do it justice!)

As if that was not enough, our Pho arrived soon after.Β While they offer Pho with chicken, brisket, rump steak and prawn, I really can’t go past duck on a menu. So I, and my two friends each ordered the Roasted Duck Pho ($16.9). Good choice us. Let me break this down for you:

  1. The serving size is enormous! You get a giant bowl of broth, noodles and duck presented to you – already a good start.
  2. You then get a plate with thai basil, mint, coriander, bean spouts, chilli and fresh lemon so you can pimp out your Pho to your hearts content!
  3. The Pho is amazing, serious party in your mouth! The duck is so rich in flavour and the broth itself is really complex, hitting salty, sour and spicy notes. The noodles are filling and satisfying as only noodles can be.
  4. In summation – yum, yum, YUM!


If you didn’t quite get it, I love this place, it’s fantastic. Go here, eat and be merry. It’s as simple as that!



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