Last night I went to Hartsyard in Newtown, a place I had been wanting to go to for AGES! I had heard so many great things about this place from a number of different people, and after eating their last night I don’t know why I didn’t go sooner – it was ah-mazing!

It’s an American style restaurant with as they say a ‘root to leaf, nose to tail’ philosophy.

I went with my two best eating buddies so we ordered a lot of food – good decision us!

Their main menu is split into SEED and FEED. The Seed menu is smaller, starter size dishes, while the Feed menu are more substantial main size dishes.

To start we ordered peppers with cheese fondue, agrodolce and garlic. I forgot to get a picture of this so I stole one of their website. The peppers were like the green ones pictured below and came out lying on top of the most delicious smokey, cheesy, spicy sauce with crispy fried garlic. Let’s repeat that – peppers, cheese, smokey, spicy, garlic = YUM!

The green peppers that were used in the green pepper and fondue dish! Photo Credit: Hartsyard


The next meal we ordered was probably my favourite dish of the whole evening – Fremantle Octopus with fork crushed potato, eggplant cracker and green tomato.

Honestly, I am not really an octopus fan, but this was absolutely stunning! It was also one of those meals that you could eat every day!

The octopus was cooked to perfection – it was tender and had a gorgeous charred flavour. The other elements of the dish were also beautiful and complimented the octopus very well. The potatoes were lemony and super moreish; the eggplant crisp was the skin of an eggplant that had been dehydrated and was such a unique but delicious way to have more eggplant in your life #treatyoself! And then the green tomatoes and rocket added freshness.


Fremantle Octopus!



We then had the Fried Chicken with buttermilk biscuit, low country sausage gravy. Now, we had heard a lot about this dish and it was recommended by a lot of people and while it was tasty, I feel as though it was the least impressive dish of the night. The coating around the chicken was crispy, golden and flavourful and the chicken was moist so no complaints – but we all felt as though we had had better fried chicken before, especially at Mary’s also in Newtown.

The country sausage gravy had a nice fennel seed flavour and went well with the buttermilk biscuit which was kind of like a Yorkshire pudding. However, I think it was a rather unusual accompaniment and didn’t compliment the chicken overly well.

Friiiiied Chicken! Photo Credit: Hartsyard

Our last main dish was the Poutine with Fried potato, braised beef shin, beer + cheese sauce.

Poutine is a Canadian dish topped of hot chips topped with gravy and a cheese sauce. My gawd this was yummmm! This was ultimate comfort food – it was basically the best gravy and mash. The beef was just falling apart – it was pretty much pulled beef. The sauce had a rich wheaty flavour from the beer that complimented the beef so well. The potatoes were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – so were obviously perfect! And then cheese. Everything tastes better with cheese! Oh yeah, and it also had dehydrated onions on the top – too good!

Poutine!! Photo Credit: Hartsyard

NOW DESSERT!!!!!!!!!!! Hartsyard is known for it’s dessert including it’s soft-serves. Choosing dessert was pretty much Sophie’s choice. How do you choooose! We basically decided to go for one chocolate dish and one fresher dessert – both were outrageous!

Firstly we ordered the Peanut Butter + Banana Sundae with Pretzel ice-cream, banana doughnut, salted fudge.

This came out and just looked like America – in the best kind of way! So so good! The best bits – The doughnuts that were crispy and fried on the outside with a gooey liquid banana center; and the crumb which contained I don’t know what but was so tasty and added flavour and crunch – and everyone likes crunch!


Eat me!!!!!! Peanut Butter + Banana Sundae!


Finally our meal came to an end with the Pine Lime Splice – with Toasted coconut cream, pineapple, syrup cake, vanilla bean ice-cream.

This was the perfect way to end the meal – it was super refreshing. The cream was surprisingly light, fluffy and airy and had a lovely coconut flavour. The little bits of pineapple added pops of sweetness and freshness. The cake on the bottom tasted like a macaroon (not a macaron!!) and also had a nice coconut flavour. The best bit though – the lime granita! I love lime and this had an intense lime flavour added are really nice texture and was so refreshing.


Pine Lime Splice!!


All together it cost us $60 each including drinks – definitely worth the cost!

If you haven’t been to Hartsyard – go there! Cannot recommend enough!



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